Monday Catch Up…

So I’m starting to get a bit of an idea how I would like to structure this blog.  I’m thinking on a Monday I’ll do a bit of a catch up with you and fill you in with what’s been happening in my world.  Later in the week I would like to share a piece that I have taken the time to do a little research on eg. zero waste, native bees, recycling etc.  Leave a comment below if there is a subject that you are interested in.

Well this weekend was an absolute scorcher! By 9:45am on Saturday it was already 37 degrees Celsius.  By mid afternoon under the verandah it reached 47 degrees.  Let’s just say by 9am we were indoors and watching the cricket (a quick shout to the Aussie boys for winning the Ashes 4-0).  However that did not stop us from doing a little bit of gardening.  Most importantly ensuring everything was well watered.  We even managed to do some harvesting and we were very excited to pick our first apple cucumbers.

Another fantastic harvest from the garden


For dinner I made a salad showcasing our home grown produce.  The cherry tomatoes just burst with flavour.  The best thing though was actually being able to share our produce with friends.  We gave away a bit of everything and kept what we would use within a reasonable time frame.

At the moment I have tomato plants popping up everywhere.  A legacy from “The Great Gender Fluid Chicken Saga of 2017”.  So we dug up 12 and gave to friends who were after tomatoes.  I love sharing produce and plants.  I love it because it is a great way of bringing people together.

I have also set up a Pinterest account for readers and myself to be inspired and motivated.  I do like this social media platform for inspiration.  I liken it sometimes to a pictorial version of Google.  If you would like to check it out for yourself click here.

Well not much else has been happening due to the extreme heat.  Apart from watching cricket,  doing some of my jigsaw and reading.  Then in the evening taking the Artoo down to the River for a swim.

I hope everyone is managing to be keeping cool (or warm on the other side of the world).  Until next time.

Take Care

Shaszi xx


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