Catch Up Time…

Well it’s that crazy time of the year again.  I’ll admit that I’m struggling to find a good work life balance at the moment.

I’m finding my life is being consumed by my work to the point when I am at home I’m often thinking about work.  Being a Town Planner in a regional area of Australia can be quite demanding.

That’s why I have decided to write.  It is such good therapy and for myself it takes me to a good place.

Let’s begin with an update of the my veggie patch.  Well I must say it is booming!!!  I even have some bonus plants that have come up as a result of composting.  Rockmelons, I think (just waiting for the fruit to become a bit bigger to be able to identify), pumpkins and tomatoes.

I have been harvesting Lebanese zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, beans, basil, capsicum, eggplant and chilli.

So much colour and taste coming from the garden

We now have the veggie patch fenced off (Artoo took a liking to digging in the soil) and have connected some irrigation to it.  The soil quality has improved so much.  Mulching has also been a very big factor.  Home has already been rocked by a few days over 40 degrees (and not even in the hottest time of the year yet).

With little spare time I have had a go at making my own peppermint sugar scrub.  I love the smell of peppermint and it is just delightful to use on your hands and feet.  I have even put some into jars to give as Christmas presents.

Homemade Peppermint Scrub

I had never used sugar scrub up until recently and I’m sold.  A great environmentally friendly alternative to some of the exfoliation scrubs out there on the market that use plastic (microbeads) in their products.  Many governments are starting to call for a ban on microbeads being used in personal products as they have a big impact on our lakes, rivers and oceans.

Here is a great little video about microbeads.  It’s amazing what plastic is found in and has made me look for alternatives or make it myself.

If you would like to share your environmentally friendly beauty treatment tip please do so in the comments below.

Well that’s it for today.

Take care for now.

Shaszi xx


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